Second project meeting

@Vienna, Austria

25th-26th April

The second meeting of the Own Your SECAP project took place in Vienna, Austria on the 25th and 26th of April. 

During the first day, the partners held presentations on the progress of the different tasks of the project while the representatives of the project communities visited several sites around the theme of energy transition in the existant city, in the presence of an architect and lecturer at the University of Vienna. Indeed, by means of several exemplary buildings in the Geblergasse Vienna, he showed the potential of unrenovated buildings, both from an energy and a social perspective. Afterwards the so-called Smartblock Geblergasse (a project which received the State Award for Architecture and Sustainability) was visited to demonstrate how this potential of existing buildings can be used: in the course of a comprehensive base renovation, houses were extended, raised and completely renovated. 

The second day of the project meeting was shared with the representatives of the communities where several workshops were held, regarding climate mitigation and climate adaptation. In addition, some representatives of the municipalities presented their situation in terms of energy management, their SECAP, or the implementation of climate adaptation, among others.