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Tool for the identification of SECAP measures

To date, most municipalities develop their SECAPs with the help of consultants, and municipal staff are often not directly involved in the plan development process. As a result, municipalities do not feel that they « own » the plan,, influencing the subsequent implementation of the measures included in the Energy and Climate Action Plan. There are a number of experienced municipalities in the field of energy and climate planning, but their number is too small and more efforts are needed to bring other municipalities, in particular small and medium-sized municipalities, up to the same level. 

The OwnYourSECAP project therefore aims to provide the necessary support and tools to municipalities in Europe to enable them to systematically plan and implement the measures included in their municipal energy and climate plans. 

The purpose of this tool is to support the identification and evaluation of the different actions included in the energy and climate action plans of municipalities. By assessing and comparing the different measures, the municipality will be able to choose more easily which ones to start implementing. 

Describing the selected SECAP measures

The project OwnYourSECAP is aiming to support municipalities throughout Europe that are aiming to address climate mitigation, as well as policies and measures on climate adaption and energy poverty. To meet the EU’s ambitious target of carbon neutrality, as well as to increase a municipality’s resilience against the impacts of climate change, while tackling other issues of relevance (e.g., decreasing vulnerabilities/risks/hazards), it is essential to establish a sustainable energy and climate action plan (SECAP).

By encouraging the exchange of knowledge and lessons learned with experienced municipalities from the same countries, the project will help to identify common obstacles and provide support from the very beginning, thus avoid complications as well as maladaptation. As local authorities oversee the planning process themselves, the developed plans will feel as their own and will address what is relevant and aimed for, which strengthens local commitment and the prospect of successful and satisfactory implementation.

The purpose of this template is to provide a structured approach to define the selected SECAP measures in more detail, including quantitative objectives, responsibilities, indicators, etc.

Lessons learned from implementing SECAP measures

For the Deliverable 2.2 the key lessons learned were summarized  from the implementation of SECAP measures in 11 European countries. In order to get a comprehensive picture, we also look at the preparation of SECAP measures which has a direct impact on implementation of measures. Therefore, we cover the entire development process – from the preparation phase to the completion of the implementation of SECAP measures.

Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans and Energy Management Systems: Implementation in Municipalities

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